67 MINUTES: Preserving the Culture of Learning

The impact of Mandela Day is not just local, but global as well. We are part of a global community and South Africa has the ability and
opportunity to position itself and the African continent within the world as an intrinsic example of what is possible when people come together
because we have the rare experience of a country that emerged from the morass of deeply rooted racial, cultural and political divides. This is a powerful platform to grow from and share but we have to work at this every single day– in a consistent and sustainable manner.

The Aviation industry has been for a long time labelled as an industry for the elite and wealthy. The industry has post-apartheid rebranded it drastically. It is now an industry for all whom have passion and dedication. The metro of Ekurhuleni hubs a number of airports in the metro and it is now on the verge of becoming an Aerotropolis, which simply means an Airport City.

We therefore as an organization that has youth development at heart saw the need for awareness campaign that will seek to create interest among learners to consider aviation not only as a career, however, a sport or a hobby.
The organization is proud to mention that the campaign has grown from strength to strength, increasing the capacity of learners from 30 to 240 since its implementation.

The organization would like to thank the Office of the Ekurhuleni Mayor for supporting the campaign by providing catering and transport for the learners. The organization plans to extend the campaign to other Ekurhuleni Department of Education Districts, it plans to reached all Districts for the 2016/17 financial year.