BOKAMOSO ICT HUB: Youth, Skills Development and Job Readiness Centre

South Africa has the highest rate of youth unemployment. This is mostly caused by illiteracy and no knowledge of Information
Communications Technology for most jobs requires knowledge of ICT. The lack of knowledge is attributed to no access to ICT since there are
not many Multi-purpose Information Centers in Ekurhuleni townships and South Africa at large.

The rate of youth unemployment in South Africa has rose from 32.7% to 36.1% between 2008 and 2014 and with Ekurhuleni having 39.6%, where there are more than 19 000000 young people, unemployed in South Africa; whom most of, do not have access to ICT
and among these more than 70% do not even know the simplest tasks in the computer medium. This presents the Ekurhuleni one of the least developed when it comes toInformation Communications Technology. This makes the project for the development of the young people in Ekurhuleni, one of the capital metropolitan of Gauteng.

An estimated 100 young people shall benefit from this project in the first 1 year of operation. This number shall increase with time. These shall be trained to use ICT and develop their skills on ICT. They shall exploit opportunities of self-employment in the industry of ICT.

– To provide the community of Ekurhuleni with standard Information Communications Technology Centre.
– To develop ICT knowledge among young people in Ekurhuleni: Being exposed to the Centre shall benefit the youth in gaining knowledge on ICT.
– To provide hands-on education and training on ICT for the users: There shall be computer classes for the users of the Centre. In these they will learn the basics of computers with courses that reflect acceptable standards.
– To exploit opportunities available in the ICT industry to better meet youth employment: The ICT industry is by far the rapidly growing industry; it has vast opportunities of employment, ranging from typing to programming. Some of the computer courses are provided free online. This project shall seize those opportunities to help the youth with them.
– To train young people of Ekurhuleni in ICT systems development and support: As part of the classes to be provided, the youth shall be trained to know how to upgrade systems and how to maintain Programmes.