SAM NTULI 16: a 6-Aside court-football K.O. Tournament

The late Sam Ntuli was known as a political icon amongst his peers, struggle counter-parts and the community of Thokoza. His life and times are still commemorated to this date, with the Thokoza Sports Complex named after him: SAM NTULI Thokoza Sports Complex.

It has been observed by the organization that the youth of today are not well acquainted with who Sam Ntuli was and why he and other struggle heroes and heroines are commemorated, the youth instead use these occasions to over-indulge in alcohol and banned substances to celebrate with no cause of action.

This panic situation created a health and social cohesion concern to the organization, the organization then thought it was imperative to implement a Programme that will raise a health and sport awareness.

The plan is to have a TOP 16, 6 (Six) aside soccer knock-out tournament that will run during school holidays; the March holidays as THE SAM NTULI 16 EASTER, for June holidays as THE SAM NTULI 16 WINTER, for September holidays as THE SAM NTULI 16 SPRING, and for December holidays as THE SAM NTULI 16 SUMMER.

The tournament will host 16 registered soccer teams of a minimum of 8-Players and a maximum of 12-Players. The teams will be expected to register through the organization’s NEDBANK account for a registration fee of R350 per team and R50 per player.

The tournament will be hosted in conjunction with Leratadima Primary School at given dates for the particular tournament (Easter, Winter, Spring, and Summer) In receiving the full deposit of the teams, teams will be handed a welcome pack. During the tournament there will be entertainment by local youth groups, food stalls with a private bar for Delegates and Officials.

The tournament will have an invitational team, which will play the seasonal champions of the tournament. The invitational team will consist of Thokoza’s finest and known professional players.

Supporters of the event will access the event at the gate entrance for R5 and tagged at the gate, supporters using cars will pay R20 parking fee which will include entrance fee despite the number of passengers, no more than five passengers per vehicle, and no passengers will be allowed on the back of vans. No MINI-BUS TAXI’s and Bottle beverages will be allowed. Cooler boxes will be charged at R20 per cooler box.

The tournament organizing committee will use different color-types CABLE-TIES as entrance admission.

Proceeds of the tournament will be shared with the School and used for our community-based projects.