What We Do

Bokamoso Youth Skills Development is a Super Eagles Social Club NPO 140-133 Youth Development Project that aims to assist all young people of Ekurhuleni with Economical Transferable Skills through its various programmes from in-house Personal Development programme to Internationally certified computer courses.

Below are some of our Community-Based Programmes

67 Minutes of Preserving The Culture of Learning

67 Minutes of Preserving The Culture of Learning

The impact of Mandela Day is not just local, but global as well. We are part of a global community and South Africa has the ability and opportunity to position itself and the African continent within the world as an intrinsic example of what is possible when people come together because we have the rare experience of a country that emerged from the morass of deeply rooted racial, cultural and political divides.
This is a powerful platform to grow from and share but we have to work at every single day– in a consistent and sustainable manner.
The Aviation industry has been for a long time labelled as an industry for the elite and wealthy. The industry has post-apartheid rebranded it drastically. It is now an industry for all whom have passion and dedication. The metro of Ekurhuleni hubs a number of airports in the metro and it is now on the verge of becoming an Aerotropolis, which simply means an Airport City.
We therefore as an organization that has youth development at heart saw the need for awareness campaign that will seek to create interest among learners to consider aviation not only as a career, however, a sport or a hobby.

agriculYouth-In-Agriculture: Volunteer Programme

In the success of the board acquiring office space at Transnet Thokoza Community Centre, the organization was fortunate to be part of the Centre’s food gardening project in the reporting year.
The aim of the volunteer programme is to raise awareness and interest in food gardening and the scarcity of food in the townships as well as modern community food banks.
In the reporting year the programme achieved its objective to draw 10 volunteers, that learned things such as soil-acidity testing, rain-water harvesting, reading a planting calendar according to area.
In the next financial year, 2017/18, the objective of the programme is to draw more young people into the programme, where they will then do community-outreach in order to teach community members about the importance of starting household food gardens and conservation of water and harvesting rainwater. The project committee will in the next financial year draw a year-long programme of action and model to execute the rest of the project plan.

WAMWalk-A-Mile in Her Shoes: Men Against Gender-Based Campaign

Each year, an ever-increasing number of men, women and their families are joining the award-winning Walk a Mile in Her Shoes®: The International Men’s March to Stop Rape, Sexual Assault & Gender Violence.
A Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® Event is a playful opportunity for men to raise awareness in their community about the serious causes, effects and remediation to men’s sexualized violence against women.
The organization has decided to use this event to create awareness around women and children abuse, as well as domestic violence during the 16 days of activism. The event is organized around main roads of Ekurhuleni Townships and Squatter Camps where these types of violence are hidden or done without anyone speaking out.
We partner with other community based organizations such as CPF’s, CBO’s as well as other NPO’s and NGO’s as well as government departments such as SAPS, Municipal Workers.
The march is a Men-March, where all men that are enough of these type of violence wear high heels in their respective groups and march with placards on the main roads to show their part in trying to fight these horrible crimes.
In the reporting year 2016/17, the organization was unable, for the first time in two years, to execute the campaign. This was due to the shortage of resources and negative feedback or no feedback at all from potential sponsors and partners. It was then decided by the organization to do a feasibility study at the beginning of the next financial year.
However, great strides were achieved in being involved in bigger campaigns as articulated in the Partnership Projects and Campaigns section. This is another issue that the board considered, that it should consider this campaign as a Joint-Venture than to be an in-house.

SNSAM NTULI 16 – Sports, Recreation, Arts & Culture Campaign

The late Sam Ntuli was known as a political icon amongst his peers, struggle counter-parts and the community of Thokoza. His life and times are still commemorated to this date, with the Thokoza Sports Complex named after him; SAM NTULI SPORTS COMPLEX.
It has been observed by the organization that the youth today are not well acquainted with who Sam Ntuli was and why he and other struggle heroes and heroines are commemorated, the youth instead use these type of occasions as an excuse to party and over-indulge in drinking alcohol and banned substances to celebrate these with no formidable cause.
This created a panic situation for us and we then decided that a social cohesion event in form of a programme that will address Sports, Recreation, Arts & Culture as well as health awareness was necessary to address this panic situation.
We then came up with a programme of a small-sided TOP-8 Knockout Tournament in three traditional sporting codes; Futsal, Netball, and Volleyball, that will run during the month of September in-line with the late Sam Ntuli’s birthday celebration.
We plan to have a number of activities besides the sporting code, among these activities we plan to have a Primary Schools Drawing Competition of any iconic place or person from Thokoza. For High Schools a Debate about South African Historic Days and the reason for celebrating their significance. This will be celebrated overall as heritage month.
As the other project campaigns that we had planned for the reporting year 2016/17 were interrupted by administrative issues which were addressed at the Annual General Meeting F3. We are certain that in 2017/18 the organization through its new fully-flashed board will be able to execute all its planned projects.